RompHim. Now!

We can thank the start-up bros from music festivals for this season’s fashion craze: the romper has arrived – and not a moment too soon.

Fashion first.
Glorious melding.
Casual option.
Structured shorts.
Pink chambray.
Splatter-print cotton.
Public yearning.
Welcome men.


Urination purposes.

22 thoughts on “RompHim. Now!

  1. 1. Ron burgundy
    2. The donger
    3. Norfolk enchants
    4.that guy
    6. Michelle obamas greasy purple taint
    7.socal menace
    8. She blinded me with violence

    TDT class of ’15; famous like penn state showers and frat houses

  2. This is the most heterosexually challenged thing I’ve ever seen. This might be gayer than gay porn.

  3. Look this a great gay rodeo and you guys are having a lot of fun and all that, but I’m here to contribute in a positive way:

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