Calling the heavy

World War I. The Western Front. Opposing generals would call down heavy artillery onto the heads of war weary soldiers.

2017. East Gitchee Goomee Houses. Heavy is called on an unfortunate sista.

19 thoughts on “Calling the heavy

  1. Fat Alberta…

    Heyba adminba next timeba you sendba a clip like thisba makeba sure you cutba it downba to 38 seconds cause the restba wasba a wasteba of timeba.

  2. Maybe the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever watched. And I’ve seen 2 girls and a cup. Although, I have managed to avoid that blue waffle thing.

  3. I can tell if that’s a beluga or a humpback. Pretty impressive for a whale to be that active out of the water

  4. That was the well known gunt submission move in Ghetto Jiujitsu.
    It was first mastered in the D by Taniqua Tank Ass Sumo girl Williams. Since it has been modified somewhat, but the basic principle still stands. Lardass on top.

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