23 thoughts on “America first

  1. Does anyone even know who that is? I sure don’t have a clue. Has anyone in the news mentioned that the guy completely let him do it? Does anyone want to live in a country that is ruled by a guy who would let another leader do that to him? You see, in my country, you are supposed to let the guy (or lady) who’s signing everyone’s checks to stand in front. This rule also applies to whoever is providing the drugs, aircraft carriers, the fucking Internet, or missile guidance systems. I do not understand why this simple act of dominance confirmation is not being met with universal respect and approval. My only criticism is that he didn’t do it by tapping the guy on the opposite shoulder.

  2. Mr. Burgundy covers all the bases but one. The pushee happens to be the Prime Minister of Montenegro who is hoping to JOIN NATO. Fuck him and his whole European attitude. Well done Ron, well done.

    1. Yes the pushee is the Prime Minister of Montenegro, who the Russians have an inexplicable hatred for. So of course, Russia’s ass pony has to manhandle him to show his supplication to his Russian overlords. I have no problem slapping the Europeans around a little, but not at the behest of the Kremlin. Yeah, Trump is showing them who’s boss….Putin.

  3. Moves like that at age 70 too, he’s not slowing down.

    Trump 2020 time to start selling bumperstickers.

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