Chuse your profession wisely

Usually when people ask why I didn’t become a teacher I say it’s because I don’t need to be tempted by 16 year old girls in women’s bodies. This more than reinforces…

12 thoughts on “Chuse your profession wisely

  1. That kid is gonna get his ass kicked, sent to county jail and will be whimpering in the shower after the boys take turns with him. As usual, where’s a cop when you need one.
    What a fucking tool.

  2. “Whack ass nigga”? That kid is so stupid he doesn’t even know a whack ass chink when he sees one!

    1. we just witnessed the Peak of this young fool’s life. 70 seconds. it’s all downhill from here, pal.

      enjoy autozone.

  3. Admire the restraint on the teacher. If he would have said a word to him besides get out, the shiny kids parents would sue.

    How much will the inmates pay a prison pimp to pop his cherry?

  4. I’d be pissed off too, if I spent the week waxing a car and painting the fence for this guy and didn’t get a dime.

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