Guess who? Stealing flowers from Manchester memorial

Seriously, Islam, how do you really feel?

11 thoughts on “Guess who? Stealing flowers from Manchester memorial

  1. If karma works someday I’m buying our man a couple pints, and the cunt will catch a few nails out of the next one.

  2. So there is some guy from Somalia or some shit – what is he doing there? At best, that guy is just there to suck off the benefits the UK will give him. And he knows damn well what happened and why those flowers are there. ZERO respect, he completely agrees with a nailbomb killing teenaged girls.

    Reminds me of that jack ass mufta mullah guy who wanted to build a fucking mosque (named for a Spanish city that was once a center of a Caliphate – and is targeted by jihad for retaking, btw) right where part of the fuselage of a plane landed in lower manhattan. Of course, NYC bent over backwards to help him with every fucking gov’t neighborhood advocacy group singing his praises … would have built it too – except it turns out he was nothing but a scam artist.

    End result, a shocker: luxury condos

  3. Hopefully the world isn’t overrun before people realize what is happening with these animals. Simple idea, get rid of the bad guys.

  4. I think what’s overlooked here is that the Brits are the fookin’ best in the world at cursing, bar none. I could listen to that shit all day.

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