Meat swap Friday: Meat for Meat

Friendly reminder: the owner of this boat, Leonardo DiCaprio, wants you to curb your carbon footprint. He says it’s important for the health of the earth.

Pop Tarts

A&T for Two

Over Easy





Coq au Vîn

Tradesman Soufflé

Bon appetite los animales!

7 thoughts on “Meat swap Friday: Meat for Meat

  1. In that first clikthru all I can think of is how the fuck did it get to be 30 years since I was in college. Sad!

  2. I don’t think Porky’s gets nearly enough recognition for how ahead of its time it was.

    Also, I designed the dress in the last click thru. You’re welcome.

    1. Funny how we can remember 5 seconds of a B movie set in Florida from over 30 years ago. You are correct how Porky’s doesn’t get the credit it deserves!

      Lassie scene is a classic also.

  3. In regards to Your friendly reminder, I’d tell El Nardo DiSwordswallower to suck a bag of dicks but he would take that as a challenge.
    Content, as usual, is a worthy way to start the weekend.

  4. Porterhouses somehow know that I love it when they flash their gunt like that.

    Porkies gif was great, I remember rewinding the vcr to that scene over and over to the point where the video would squiggle.
    Back in the days of rubbing one out to try and imagine perfect twat on the porn channels that were all fuzzy and sideways because your cheap folks wouldn’t anti up and pay for them they wasted their money on things like college funds and food and repairing the old Toyota.
    These days kids have it so easy.

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