In search of: Christina Model

It was 2006. The internet was young and so was Christina Model. With a love and talent for dance, Christina bullyflopped her way into the public consciousness.

While all admired her rhythms, many gentlemen also found her attractive.

Dance fans formed a general consensus that her ass checked out.

While at the peak of her success Christina Model teamed with Missy to create a bully awareness campaign.

A celebrated contributor to TDT penned a moving tribute to Missy’s ass titled How Hath Hunger Speaketh that, sadly, has been lost to the misty shrouds of time. Enya’s Sail Away, however, stays with us.

Then suddenly in October 2007 a watershed moment: tired of being called a tease, Christina Model went topless in a much ballyhooed underwater shoot.

There would be no holding back now.

Rumors flew in 2011 that she was running off with a notorious sea captain.

Christina Model? Christina Lucci? Christina Hopkins? Deb Gooden?

A dedicated TDT research team found out additional info.

TDT regards the Christina Model legend as being more than folklore. We do not explain reported sightings as hoaxes or wishful thinking – she’s out there somewhere…

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