Fill or Kill: World’s tallest virgin, Alicia Jay

Next-level novelty smash or same old shit?

all cats are grey in the dark … we’re all the same size lying down … they’re all pink on the inside … broke my arm falling off my girlfriend’s shoulders at Bonnaroo …

I hope Tim Tebow digs deep cravasse because this lazy can of corn is his for the shagging.

16 thoughts on “Fill or Kill: World’s tallest virgin, Alicia Jay

  1. I’ve banged giant donged she-males that didn’t make me feel as sexually inferior. I would, if I was reincarnated as a 7’5″ knee-slapper.

    As for the virgin thing, she’s been banged several times, but no ones ever hit the sides….doesnt count.

  2. I’d rather catch her after her first divorce when she realizes she’s a whore but, due to a late start, hasn’t been dredged by every snagboat in town. But mostly she just needs to shut the fuck up…

  3. She’d make my meager dude look like a fraction. For my mental health’s sake, I’d have to pass.

  4. What an encouraging story of personal growth!

    Of course I’m guessing here, since I could only handle 47 seconds.

  5. I have no problem with her looks or the fact that she’s unsullied. I’m up for the jungle jim and the training process. The turn off is the inflection which makes every sentence sound like a question and the baggage.

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