Controversial Clip of the Day: Filthydelphia’s PHL 17

Ron Burgandy sacrificed his career that Temple grads like this might get their shot at reporting the news…

13 thoughts on “Controversial Clip of the Day: Filthydelphia’s PHL 17

  1. Yikes. Freak in bed, crazy anytime she’s on camera. Kill. Special shout out to the police officer for keeping his weapon holstered while listening to that filthy accent.

  2. Gotta love the door mat, beta male, boyfriend who can’t keep control of his girlfriend. You think Sonny Corleone would put up with that shit. What a wussy.

    1. Wussy?!?!? He gets that cock-shredding harpie a twat hair away from getting shot , but at least get’s her thrown in the slammer and fired. Not a wussy, dear Expo, but a chess MASTER!

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