PSA: Eat right

This video apparently pissed off a lot of fat people.

Ultimately this gent says everything that I do, except I wear a shirt when I lecture on account of the all the shit I eat and exercise I don’t do.

20 thoughts on “PSA: Eat right

  1. He’s obviously never sat at a watering hole, drinking copious amounts of 4-finger pours of clear (vodka) then stumbling over to Flashdancers to get a yank job upstairs while doing key bumps with Svetlana.

    I will take the risk of losing my arm.

    1. Very clearly a p*ss-off “Jarhead” suffering from PTSD, who needs another tour of duty to kill more Hadji.

    1. Thanks for the weather … and the next clip was top 10 sexiest weather girls. Forecast for today is not getting much work done.

      1. “Culo” is the best word ever. Much better than “ass”. If I was a caveman who just got thawed out of a block of ice and I had no language and they showed me Yanet from behind I would point and say “culo”.

  2. I still shoot dirty looks at people who dab the grease off their pizza. What a sad fuckin waste that is. Just ask me or other patrons if we would take the grease. Fuckin pizza dabbers are the worst.

  3. Lighten up Francis, one these days one of those fat chicks just might blow you in your car outside the bar at 2:00am.

    1. Exactly.

      His message would be a hell of a lot less offensive if he wasn’t standing there flexing, tatted, shirtless and he wasn’t dropping F bombs every third word.

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