Sarah Melia: Queen of fishing

Sarah Melia has so far successfully eluded Captain Stabbin’ on the high seas; meanwhile gamefish can’t elude Sarah.

Really don’t know much about Sarah, except her Instagram account is @SarahMelia305 … ‘305’ is Miami area code – she is taunting Captain Stabbin’, Florida’s ultimate butt pirate.

She is playful. Possibly a Wisconsin native.

Plus her ass checks out.

She has friends too.

Sarah comes from a long line of good stock.

Her ass still checks out.

All I know about her is @sarahmelia305 … would like to know more.

High seas culo.

When a bully boards the boat.

12 thoughts on “Sarah Melia: Queen of fishing

  1. The old bait and switch admin? You start off showing a nice looking broad (even with a skanky big tat) No click throughs of her, and eventually the shocking beauty of that ferrari like ass only to be followed by a couple of queen family trucksters for nudity.

  2. She’s on the Pelagic pro team. Look up Marissa Everheart and Emily Riemer. Major talent on that squad. Brook Nash is another fishing hottie worth a view. And you should probably follow fishbras and fishingtail on IG.

    Admin: the Pelagic girls will be at two tournaments I’m fishing this summer. Open to being a freelance reporter for the tap. Lots to check out at those events.

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