Then on Friday one purviews yon Meat Wagon

If you like Pina Coladas, and getting tagged in the seat
If you´re into nude yoga, but you shun Friday’s meat
If you like tickling coin purse, and the cut of my cape
I´m the one that you´ve looked for, drop your trou, so I can rape.

Always brings the house down in P-Town.


Ropa Vieja

Hot Dog


Cajun Ribeye

Lamb Chop


Game Hen

Bon appetite los animales!

11 thoughts on “Then on Friday one purviews yon Meat Wagon

  1. Seems almost too easy to lure hot dog clikthru out of her shanty and into my air conditioned home, complete with refrigerator, bath tub, and my scrotum.

  2. The ropa vieja click thru looks like she could snap your dick off with her culo. Hot but terrifying. What a way to go though

  3. Happy Father’s Day fellow Tappers. It’s the one day we look forward to only to realize it’s the same shit different pile.

  4. I’d like to propose a weight limit on click throughs. It is for everyone’s safety.

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