No subtitles needed

Such ferocity.

And so sudden.

One moment he’s there enjoying the charms of a lady friend – and then without warning a brutal no holds barred attack from above. No time to get up and put on his pants to fight. Dude was sunk.

And we didn’t even get to see her tits. A true day of infamy.

21 thoughts on “No subtitles needed

  1. What convinced me this video is authentic is the first dude kept his camera holster on the whole time.

    I know it is picking the nite here, but a nice Morrissey or early 80s Depeche Mode melody in the background would have really rounded out this tender moment.

  2. Thank Jeebus they only weigh a dozen pounds or so or those head stomps would have hurt. Then again, a dude with a man bag isn’t going to be laying down any real thunder.

  3. No tits, which correlates with his “boner” not in evidence either–even tho he was sporting a diamond cutter at that point

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