Summer goals

Goal 1: Lose weight

I currently weigh 3.25 Sharptons – need to drop at least 1 full Sharpton before I can start looking good in a track suit.

Instead of eating brunch I will disrupt them.

Goal 2: Improve station

Secure promotion from stock boy to nighttime manager at local convenience store. There’s been a sudden vacancy.

19 thoughts on “Summer goals

  1. Judging by the way the clerk attempted to initially engage them suggests he’s an Obama voter. My sympathy meter couldn’t register for him.

  2. I feel like Deere Girls would be a more appropriate TDT measure of weight. For instance one might say “had Indian food for lunch and shit out a half a Deere Girl”. Actually scratch that. Sharptons are a more appropriate measure of shit sizes now that I think about it. But Deere Girls for everything else.

  3. I have some thoughts:

    1. Id be happy to play a first-person shooter with HF trollbot’s first pic

    2. What TF is that burnt turd Reverend Al doing with mirror selfies? Leave that shit to Sommer Ray.

    3. Part of me likes to believe that WorldStar HipHop is quietly funded by law enforcement agencies. “We can’t possibly keep our eyes on all of the simians’ transgressions all of the time, but if we can convince them it’s DOPE YO to film their crimes and then post them…”

  4. This is how you get them to leave quickly:

    “If you don’t leave now, I’ll be forced to give you a mop to clean the floors. It is a law in these parts that staying too long in the store without buying something gives me, the manager, the right to make you work.”

  5. I am confused, is the bitch a nigger or is the nigger is a bitch? From what I watched it seems the ‘bitch’ is a ‘white’ guy. Sorry just trying to keep score at home. So confused. I blame Trump, I think?

  6. Admin you will never fill that guys shoes.

    With pencil led arm thickness like that, this cashier deserves the convenience store medal of valor for taking on even the females in this situation(2x arm thickness w/10x gorilla strength). I bet he would jump on a grenade if somebody tried to steal a twinkie from that 7-11. Jay and Silent Bob shake in their boots and disperse quickly whenever he is on duty.

    As for the ending, I can’t really make sense of the white guys wearing the same Adidas sweats as the brothers and then actually calming them down peacefully. They must have been in charge of the banana supply, or this whole video was staged
    I give this world star video a Travis 3 star rating.

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