Scare Bear Air

Traditionally the worst porn site in the world is the one you’re on when you when the deal has been closed. Report taken. St. Helen mounted and coned. St. Elmo fired. Can’t GTFO fast enough.

Still, some sites are better than others. Before an untimely death at sea, Captain Stabbin’ was known for dedication to his craft and a rigid adherence to the nautical buttstab story line.

aye aye

And then there’s SexyFlightCrew. Never before has a website gone to such lengths to do so little with so grand a theme.

Now boarding.

Prepare for takeoff.

“This is your captain speaking. We are lost somewhere off coast of Bermuda.”

Flight 6969 was never seen again.

Stay safe.

18 thoughts on “Scare Bear Air

  1. That is the ugliest asshole/pussy area area I’ve ever seen holy fuck she needs more than a fucking anal bleach wow

  2. The thought of what’s on the other side of every one of those click-throughs was terrifying.

    Indian Jones wouldn’t even poke is torch down some of those caverns.

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