Culo Miercoles lunchola



The Oil Derrick.


End piece.

5 thoughts on “Culo Miercoles lunchola

  1. Posted from the road on a Samsung tablet. Only ass I’ve seen today was a slinky tattooed skank leaning against a McDonald’s in the middle of nowhere smoking a cigarette. A solid 4/10, we made some eye contact when I went in for a Sausage McMuffin, was still there when I walked out. She might’ve ticked up to a 5 by now. I’m a fool for not have proposition her for a tour of the dumpster. A bloody fool.

      1. I dropped my neck kerchief and she didn’t pick it up for me. I don’t know what gives, usually when I drop a spare rib in front of some porterhouse it leads to some frisky and risky bronto bustin’. Need to refine my game for the less husky.

  2. Thank god you have come back to your senses, admin. I was worried after the stewardess catastrophe.
    A fine hump day compilation

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