Always worked for me

Share these key behavior modifications with your kid:

• Ensure your pant cuffs fully reach ankles.
• Avoid volunteering for hall monitor.
• Have a favorite football team, know quarterback’s name and if he sucks or not.
• Quit bragging about the priest you blew last summer.

9 thoughts on “Always worked for me

  1. Stop “ironically” watching The Bachelorette. Or watch it, start a podcast about it, and get hired by Bill Simmons and his merry band of homos over at The Ringer.

  2. Is Kiran Randhawa male or female. If male, he knows from experience and was lucky to get out of his cesspool country alive.

  3. I read this, Admin’s gold, to my U9 house soccer team today. Some of the moms were really taken aback, but fuck them…pun fully intended. I feel like I’m really getting through to these kids & making a meaningful difference.

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