Miss Bum Bum goes China

Because they copy everything else in the world, China took a stab at recreating Brazil’s prestigious Miss Bum Bum contest.

And you know what? It wasn’t such a bad facsimile.

They wore masks so people could tell them apart.

Masked beaver beauticians at work while dude does pushups. So normal.

This hopeful was sent home – but not before a little unga bunga.

Air squats. Again, so normal.

True meat smuggling: TDT sent a ringer – A&T’d her way into the quarterfinals.

Shanghai snapshot.

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Shabu-Shabu (Miss Porterhouse)

11 thoughts on “Miss Bum Bum goes China

  1. When our town set off its emergency alert siren today (loud enough to hear for miles) to announce the start of the parade, the wife says, ”sounds like Kim Jong-un just launched one at us.” Everybody laughed and agreed, “All he has to do is aim one in a general easterly direction and we’ll bomb him back to bows and arrows without ever touching our nuclear stuff.”

    Happy 4th.

  2. Happy 4th to my TDT brothers. Was hoping admin would celebrate with pics of hot, naked chicks drinking RWB.

  3. If I were so coerced, at the barrel-end of a revolver, mind you, to choose forever between ladies of the Occident or ladies of the Orient, I would smile knowingly that there could be no fault whatsoever in my decision. Either way, there are delights to behold–and to be held–for all tradesmen wherever the sun may set.

    Good day to you.

    [And a good day to you as well, sir.]

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