Culo Miércoles bienvenido

Silly games.

More to reveal.

Fullest exposure.

Herculean A&T




8 thoughts on “Culo Miércoles bienvenido

  1. Slow reflexes on towel-snap chick. Excellent. She’ll never be quick enough to dodge face-bound cream bullets.

  2. That click-thru on “fullest exposure” may be the most perfect looking gash ever – and of course her asshole that needs to be eaten for about 19 hours – fuck…..

    1. I imagine she shits little delicious pink jelly beans. Plink plink plink. No wipe.

      Unlike Mrs. Burgundy, who’s shits look like something you would see at the edge of a watering hole in Kenya.

  3. Speaking of the aforementioned click-thru mentioned by Mike … I was a younger man spending quality time with a woman sixteen years my senior. I once asked her, somewhat timidly as I recall, and being a man of some years lesser experience at that point in my life, if she welcomed oral pleasures. She replied to me without hesitation, and I quote precisely, “Front to back, top to bottom.”

    It was in that very moment that I became deeply interested in the trades. I must say, I spent more than a few evenings refining techniques which serve me well into my advancing years. So should you all.

    Good day to you.

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