27 thoughts on “Bullying Emily

  1. “Boobs are too big” is the polite term for “so retarded she can’t read a script.” We need another market top to usher in a new age of douchebag music videos she can shake those awesome tits and ass in.

    1. Kate Upton is not complaining because she:

      a) is an heiress to the Whirlpool fortune

      b) is engaged to a Cy Young award winner that makes $28mm a year and Ratajkowski is banging some queer musician no one has ever heard of and probably plays the glockenspiel

  2. Her boobs are too big for the movies, just like Hillary is too honest and qualified for the presidency. Fuck these self absorbed narcissists, one and all…

  3. Agree with these comments. She is a physical marvel but her victim bullshit is almost dropping her to a ten. Zip it, idiot.

  4. I have it on good account that Ms. Ratajkowski, in her incessant quest to quell any such thought that she may take privilege by being so endowed by our Creator, seeks to sate her burgeoning guilt through, shall we say, active oral discourse and aggressive anal intercourse. My sources also say that, through this discourse and intercourse, she has become well-seasoned, with nary a necessary wipe of washcloth before ingesting ejaculate with a wry smile and mischievous countenance. Or so I have been told.

    My sources have also informed me boyfriend is a vainglorious cocksucker with latent homosexual tendencies and a cleft palate.

    I trust my sources fully, as should you.

    Good day to you all.

  5. She could get training in bully prevention (i.e. via a breast reduction *sigh*). Alternatively, there are *always* acting opportunities available answering the door to the pizza guy

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