On Fridays the meat man always rings twice

A Ford GT will set you back $450g. Chicken tenders come in slightly lower than that. Both revved up, so tie on your feedbag.



Navy Beans

Lake Trout



Bully fra Diablo

Tres Leches

Bon appetite los animales!

16 thoughts on “On Fridays the meat man always rings twice

  1. As a relative novice to the posting regulations governing this particular corner of depravity, I remain somewhat baffled by what passes muster for approval and what is rejected like an Antifa cuck at a sorority party. However, I simply must break form and commend the habiliments or lack thereof on today’s clickable delights. In fact. I can already discern the relative oral talents of the “lake trout”, and can say without equivocation that the young lady is gifted in that regard.

    And the jumbas on the first and last clicks are exquisite! Well done, gentlemen!

    Good day to you!

    1. A lot to admire here: Antifa/cuck talk, Lake Trout appreciation, “clickable delights” … all good. Cheers!

      1. Thank you, admin. I greatly admire your establishment.

        I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the fervor with which I would circumnavigate the globes on Ms. Porterhouse click-through. She would be compelled to ask if I were a descendant of Ferdinand Magellan himself after witnessing my careful attention to direction and exploration.

        Mind you, I would also deftly slip and extra five dollar note under her night table lamp as she wiped my potential descendants from her heavy hangers with an old gymnasium stocking or whatever was at hand.

    2. Breath of fresh air RG, especially when Corporal Cliché is in the house.

      I’d go for a swim in a pond full of piranhas for a threesome with the Lake Trout.

  2. Always did like the taste of fresh trout.
    High marks for this Friday’s menu.
    Enjoy your weekend, admin. You’ve earned it.

  3. I’m looking at this week’s offerings and have come to the gentle realization that I hate my fucking life so fucking much I would travel through the evolutionary chain, back to the first fish that crawled onto dry land, and I wold find it and throw it against a tree as hard as I could.

  4. The striped suit in Bully Fra Diablo looks like my wife before she saw me as a walking, upended wallet. I hope the teeth in her pussy bite her leg and she gets sepsis.

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