Summer 2017 … bully index set to soar

It’s summertime so I joined a gang. It’s me, my fidget spinner, my fuckin’ Sea Doo, my drone, and my Body Glove retro 80s surf shorts. We’re hitting every beach in the USA.

We like the sights.

Even though we’re a gang sometimes we still get sand kicked in our face – it’s tough out there – but nothing compared to what how bullies pound prey into submission.

Sometime we run into bullies in their natural habitat.

Lone bully on the prowl.

Have fun but be careful.

15 thoughts on “Summer 2017 … bully index set to soar

  1. So I’m in the middle of things. Everything looks excellent. Then it ends. Consult calendar….nope not April 1. Fuck you admin!

  2. I want to land my Johnson on click through #1’s landing strip over and over again until i get it right. It may take years

  3. My memory strains, all the way back to 2005, which is the digital Mesozoic era to our current age. There was a lovely girl who did, most unintentionally, achieve quite a bit of Internet renown for her perfectly formed and beautifully proportioned bosom. It was, or shall I say they were, the study of many an aspiring young physicist who stood at the ready to launch projectiles with mouth agape at forms which here both heavenly and utterly unaffected by gravity’s pull. She was a bully of the first and highest order.

    While many would offer dairy-esque demerits for her buttery countenance, I can offer only the highest regard for her knockers–large as my head and twice as dense.

    I hope you’re thriving, Ms. Wenk. She holds her own against all comers. Would that we could hold them as well.

    1. Sir, you put me in mind of another esteemed poster who has gone MIA for awhile, Admin, haven’t seen Jack posting lately?

  4. I wish I was bullied like THIS in school instead of being tricked into making love to my dead cousin. How they paid…OH HOW THEY PAID!!!!!!

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