Culo Miércoles a go-go



A&T classique.

Only the hungry.


Three weasels.

11 thoughts on “Culo Miércoles a go-go

      1. Almost true. That rule is rendered moot when the lezzies are in action and the weasels are just posing. I’m all in.

      2. we need the video 4 bottles of patron, 3 hits of X and an ounce of blueberry koosh to make an accurate call here

  1. If I were a young man consorting with today’s talent, my biggest concern would be contracting untreatable gonorrhea. They’re sportive, the lot of them, and more than a few of these strumpets are quite in need of a good buggering.

    As a man skilled in the trades, it would be my duty, of which I am never derelict.

    Good day to you all.

    1. Please forgive my impertinence. I so poorly worded the above, my meaning was completely lost upon a second reading. Please allow me to rephrase:

      If I were a young man knocking around on young fillies in this day and age, I would only be be concerned with contracting a venereal disease by the sheer number of potential exposures I would attempt. These young ladies look quite randy, and more than a few of them would likely be inclined to rigorous receptive buttsex.

      As a man skilled at such endeavours, it would be my responsibility to make these attempts, since I never shirk my duty. (Which would imply that I would exhaust all available lubricants including, but not limited to, saliva, butter, vegetable shortening, and lard.)

      Guten tag!

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