Meat if by land, two if by Friday

Had a dream that Ed Sheerin was at the foot of my bed singing ‘Lemme Smell Yo Dick’. Ended way too soon.


Mountain Jam

Frontier Fricassé

Mussels Marinara

Surf n’ Turf



El Blintzo

Bon appetite los animales!

10 thoughts on “Meat if by land, two if by Friday

  1. Being almost 50 years old, I thought I had an idea of human anatomy, but then I saw the porterhouse pic. It looked like tits and an arm, but I wasn’t sure, sort of like figuring a riddle with a bad hangover. Ribeye was a big relief.

    1. It is a new roadside sobriety test. Cop asks, would you fuck this? If sober, you say, “Of course not, she’s too fat for me.” Brothers are complaining the question is racist and tantamount to entrapment.

  2. Kind sirs:

    Begging your pardon, but I’ve been known to dine very well on porterhouse for entire weekends and into the work week if there were no other suitable victuals at the ready. I must admit my disappointment at the missing click-through. Certainly you gentlemen understand and will keep my confidences.

    The other selections, however, are quite excellently and lovingly prepared. For medium rare, they are certainly well done.

    Good day to you.

  3. Big hair, natural tits, tan lines, full metal bush, whats not to like about the 80’s.

    Porterhouse has no beginning, no end. Thank god no click thru.

  4. Pirogi click thru would make a nice coat hangar for my leather bomber jacket not to mention a few dozen frozen ropes

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