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    1. Assuming those 37800 virgins were half the population (har), there were 75600 people on the island in 1780. Census says they didn’t hit 76000 total population til 1966. The old king was having a good time sure, but it sounds like math didn’t arrive at that island until many years later.

      1. What if there WERE that many people in the 1700s but the King gave them the AIDS…and they died?

      2. You really didn’t have to do this, Lou. “is said to have” is a phrase that acknowledges likely hyperbole. Don’t take the fun out of the fact that King Snuka made the most of his time in Paradise.

  1. 1. Quotation without citation is dangerous.

    2. It’s not the “number of things” I’m concerned with, it’s the size of said “things” that worries me. One hit from Leroy Brown > ten consecutive hits John Smith.

  2. Friends who have gone to medical school say the best lectures are the ones that talk about foreign objects in body orifices, and how they got there.

  3. Studies have shown that The Donger’s mood improves 1,076.5 times on those rare days when a new piece of gash slowly lowers herself onto his face.

    1. That you can measure your mood fractionally makes me think you’ve been spending too much time with That Guy. That being said, new gash is best gash
      Carry On

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