Culo Miércoles, a lion’s share

Hungry and ready.

To the shower.


Double up.

To the sauna.

In deep.


To the kitchen.

To the beach.

13 thoughts on “Culo Miércoles, a lion’s share

  1. Outstanding work Admin … from the first amazing click thru to the last beach click thru where one can only desire to wait while all that sand amasses in that beautiful clam and at some point produces a pearl or at the very least a pearl necklace…

  2. Admin, this is the type of quality work that makes me want to suggest you apply your talents and establish a Tit Bully Twosday.

  3. Double up click thru could look like Phylis Diller and I still… No! they could look like Ernest Borgnine and I still….. NO! they could look like Hillary Cli…

    Ehhh, stopping at Ernest Borgnine.

  4. To the beach click through definitely had a subliminal message conveyed through those dancing butt cheeks.

  5. The amazing thing about that Renegade clickthrough is how the look on her face is exactly the look she should have because her tits are that good and she knows how good her tits are.

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