Friday for all, yet Meat for a few

Summa this summa that summa feedbags.


Clams on the Half Shell

Hand-crafted Chicken Nuggets

Sushi Maki

Veal Cutlet


Prime Rib

Banana Bread

Bon appetite los animales!

8 thoughts on “Friday for all, yet Meat for a few

  1. My appetite this morning is for Prime Rib. Pink all the way through with a deep red center. A meal fit for a man who’s spent a fortnight at sea.

    Ms. Porterhouse click-through certainly was enough to raise the jib. I say to you: Any port in a storm! And I see the precise port on the final click! Right, gentlemen!? Right!?

    Good day to you all.

  2. Nice selection, Admin.
    Even the Porterhouse click-thru wasn’t horrendous.
    Or, I’m growing more desperate with each passing season.
    Yeah, probably the latter.

  3. The banana bread click thru is the closest we have come to “Tastavision” for ass.
    Bravo, admin
    TGIF, boys. Let the weekend begin

  4. You’d want to make your first punch in the face of the porterhouse count.

    Otherwise that bitch is coming back at you.

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