Single scoop & trans fats

Single scoop for a nice summer’s day.

Item: Sports Illustrated.

SI, a faded entity by anyone’s standard, is doubling down on loserdom. Trashing their one remaining strength, swimsuit girls, with bodyshape inclusiveness.

That means this orca, Tabria Majors, is THE cover girl.

This would bother me if I even knew where to find the magazine, much less read it.

18 thoughts on “Single scoop & trans fats

  1. Just got back from a vacation in Spain. Initially, I thought the Spanish women were all hot. Then I realized it’s just that almost none of them are overweight, and super short skirts and shorts and dark tans are everywhere. And I’m not just talking fat- you could sit at a corner cafe and count 50 or 100 chicks for every one that’s even chunky. Ole!

  2. She’s so fat that when she lays on the beach people feel sorry for her and try to roll her back in the water.

    She’s so fat that when I hit her with my car she asked why I didn’t go around her and I said I didn’t think I had enough gas.

    She’s so fat that when she got on the scale a card came out saying one at a time.

    Rodney D.

  3. What a society! No fat jokes…body shaming. Little Johnny has A.D.D… What ever happened to just plain stupid?! Retarded,no,special needs. Not to mention the stupid fuckin’ retards who are confused about their sex!! I give up!

  4. This sure is a hateful post admin.
    I hope the next SI cover will be a black transexual, or a muslim gay man.
    -That Guy

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