Caption it: potential Tinder friend

Unless you’re a lip reader it’s not an easy transition from the dong-eat-dong world of Grindr to the confusing world of Tinder with its women.

Not sure which way to swipe, what pipe to wipe, or what hoof to poof.

I wonder if she can cook? Mother would like that.

12 thoughts on “Caption it: potential Tinder friend

  1. “You should have that mole checked.”

    An acquaintance of mine has trained a cancer-sniffing canine to discover all manner of tumors, growths, and blemishes. I shall call him post haste for his services. It seems the blemish above her left augmentation is in need of some attention.

    After the beast is done sniffing, I shall give the dog his opportunity.

    Good day to you all.

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