Chicago beat: Chuck E. Scrap

Several babies were harmed in the making of this video.

The Pink Panther was there.

23 thoughts on “Chicago beat: Chuck E. Scrap

  1. World Star Hiphop archives will be key to understanding what really happened to America, and the subsequent stunning decline.

  2. During high school I used to work at an establishment similar to this. Let’s just say they’re not arguing over who gets to pay the bill or how much to tip their server.

  3. On a positive note, that’s really great that their company lounge offers child care, food, and video games. Must be Google or Facebook.

    1. I’m seriously terrified that you are spot on. Glad I live in a rural area. Tribal conflict over limited resources is a staple of life in the jungle. WorldStar is our peek at the current one.
      Carry On

  4. Thought it was a trailer for the new film, “Return of the Ghettopotimus”

    BTW – Notice how cool the Pink Panther stayed during the melee, a credit to caucasians everywhere.

  5. Which shit food franchise will be the first to remove all doors and make you order and pick up from a barred window facing the sidewalk.

  6. somehow I paused and replayed at 10-12s mark a few times w/the oooh ooh sound, probably just another nig nog’s jugs, but the mind is easily distracted. These Jungle videos get old quick.

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