Bully watch: Caitlyn

Slashing through a jaded social media comes an NYU chick putting pride back into the Caitlyn name.

Caitlyn enjoys an obvious respite in Fire Island where all the homos think knockers are tacky.

Minion tends to her bully.

Bullies sometimes show a softer side; in between bouts of vicious tit poundings Caitlyn presented this minion a fine hat.

These people live better than me.

11 thoughts on “Bully watch: Caitlyn

  1. The Tap inspires me at times….

    The Tat in the Hat as they commonly say
    Is a bully’s best friend throughout the whole day
    Thing one and thing two will always convey
    Knockers only get tacky when a load comes their way

  2. Here’s what I’m thinking.

    She sits on the bathroom floor with her legs wrapped around the toilet like she’s driving the porcelain bus.

    Then she puts her tits up on the toilet seat.

    Then I sit on her tits and bounce out a shit while she blows me.

      1. The Shitty Titty. (I’m so mature)

        Excuse me gentleman. I need to go to the cans.

        The Cum Dumpster.

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