The downside of bird-dogging

It’s all fun and games until the alpha male shows up.

21 thoughts on “The downside of bird-dogging

  1. nobody died, there was no ass, nobody was acting like a Boon Coon, just some hard assed Negus flexin.


  2. So the Alpa ‘gus is banging the mother of spindly slim ‘gus’ child correct? And its Alpha ‘gus’ crib and he’s telling spindle he no longer has right to said box or home visitation. Got it. Spindle should emit a little more fear or at least caution than he is…Alpha seems fired up and he is from Harlem…

  3. I just did the 5 knuckle shuffle to yesterdays Renegade click-thru to help erase the memory of this post…worked

  4. do we need to put out an APB for Admin? Worried about “the butcher” not delivering the meat today. Yes I am selfish.

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