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  1. First of all I would like to extend a rousing Bravo! to this gentleman for his promotion of reading. It is, fundamental.

    However, I must admit that I am not entirely clear as to his meaning about the “hall of cost”, while making crystal clear that the problem lies with me, and that I wholeheartedly regret any lack of overlap of our life-experiences, and I am entirely sympathetic to him, his people, his cause, and his heritage. Unless, of course, he finds some grave insult in any of this, in which case I will be eternally apologetic.

  2. Back in the day, slavery was just the hip, modern way to do business. And everybody knows the hall of cost was a hoax.

  3. The hall of cost is that dark corridor the taxpayers go down just before they’re mugged by people like Chris Holland.

  4. Why, the Holocaust, of course!! How silly of me…

    Being a gentile, I am truly unqualified to comment on the unimaginably horrific attempt to exterminate the Jews during World War II, and of their persecution through history. I can’t begin to compreh- Huh, what’s that you say? It’s politically incorrect to sympathize with the Jews? Oh, ok, well, long live Palestine then!

  5. Brothers running a mobile car wash service this a.m. in the lot next to my work with all the vintage range rovers. Thinking the eclipse starts before the Car Wash does.
    Must be contemplating the hall of costs.

      1. Definitely. Melania got game. Her beaver is probably the nectar of the gods.

        I think to deal with Ivanka’s clam you’d need a nose clip like Ryan Lochte wears when he does that dolphin shit on his back. But if you did that, she’d probably complain that you’re not classy while banging her. And that’s a bummer. But trust me, that muff smells like the tuna fish sandwich mom packed for school as a kid wrapped in foil you forgot & left the sun while playing kickball for 3 hours. You don’t want to smell that tuna sandwich.

        I think what you do is summon all your mental toughness and pretend that smelly twat is a Butterscotch Moon Pie. A nice marshmallow treat that isn’t like that tuna sandwich you forgot in the sun all afternoon. If you keep your head high — just like when playing golf with a long iron — you’ve got a shot at getting through it. But whatever you do, don’t taste that imaginary sweet Butterscotch Moon Pie. Because it ain’t.

  6. Admin you should at least put your “out of orifice” notice up if you need to step away for an extended time. I’m dyin ova here..

    1. Feel better? Good.

      Al lot of people were too hard on Kate Upton’s plumbing (pun fully intended). People were unfair to Kate. Kate’s kitty is the real Butterscotch Moon Pie goodness compared to Ivanka’s mildewed pie crust.

      Are you into the E.T. look with that Ivanka neckline? 3 weeks in the federal pen when her hair bleach fades she’d be safe from the lesbo cellies.

  7. I don’t know what part of her well-mannered disposition, upbringing, tightly manicured physical appearance, or long-term monogamous lifestyle would lead to any conclusion besides her being immacate down there. This sounds like random shit-talking born out of self-loathing, like when EBT card carrying mouth breathers point at those in the top tax bracket and posit “yeah but I bet they’re miserable!” Fuck outta here with that.

  8. Oh where oh where did admin go?

    We all know Melania is an animal in the sack! Princess on the outside..Dirty naughty girl in the bedroom. Full throttle.

    More Asian side Boob

  9. C’mon Admin, enough back to school shopping for your child bride. She doesn’t need another iphone case, and that pretty makeup she wants translates to banging the football team. Get her a good burka, and you are all set.

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