Titan corners the phone booth market

Load up on Titan, (symbol: TIT).


Apparently the moviegoing public has a limitless appetite for slovenly comediennes no matter how bad their successive movies get. As Alyssa Milano starves for work, no less. Pity.

Also, Tatum O’Neal, like many a toothless cougar before her (looking at you, Meredith) likes chicks now. Link.

I’m sure Michael Jackson’s ghost is fucking shocked that his ex-girlfriend went dyke-o.

Here’s Tatum in overalls cockblocking Michael from Superballs.


8 thoughts on “Titan corners the phone booth market

  1. The moviegoing public has a limitless appetite for slovenly comediennes because most of the moviegoing public are fat, slovenly wrecks like that warthog Melissa McCarthy.

  2. Bout 15 years ago I’d have liked to see Tatum and Jodie Foster munch each other our for my benefit. Who am I kidding I’d like to see that tonight too!

  3. The best part of this whole post is that some idiot media buyer thought it was a fantastic idea to place media and spend part of the budget on a PUBLIC PHONE BOOTH. You know, those things that not even grandparents use anymore.

    1. Good call!

      On a related note, I actually watched Bad News Bears last night so I could show my 15-year old what a real man talks like (Tanner).

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