Easing back into this thing

Don’t believe the rumors, I didn’t go gay. I just let curiosity get the better of me for a short while there. Fire Island was glorious.

Anyway, here’s a Hollywood movie star (played Easy-E in Straight Outta Compton) flipping out because Delta was screwing him out of the first class seat he paid for.

Oh yeah, one more thing – he was on standby because he missed his original flight. Complete bitch.

As for Air Danza, booty will be boarding later today. We will be running extra flights through Thursday.

16 thoughts on “Easing back into this thing

  1. It’s no wonder Dr. Dre flies private. First his med school roommate Dr. Dao gets yanked off his United fright and now his costar isn’t allowed to pick any first class seat he wants on a Delta flight he wasn’t originally on. A diss track for commercial aviation can’t be far away.

    1. I never heard of him either, but when he loses his movie star job he should apply to Augusta National, they’re always looking for busboys.

  2. Welcome to Delta Flight (whatever one goes to Atlanta).

    Today’s In-Flight Chimp-Out will be “I Paid For My Shit” featuring a blactor you’ve never heard of.

    Please sit back, enjoy the show and privately curse the short sighted (((Dutchman))) from the West India Trading Company whose idea it was.

    We will be taking off as soon as he is in police custody.

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