Fashion forward 2017 and beyond

Wherever we go, looking good is a must.

Casual at home.

In the office.

At play.

At Jigglewerx.

At the candidate’s debate.

On stage.

At the big game.

Even at the crack of dawn.

10 thoughts on “Fashion forward 2017 and beyond

  1. Forgive my absence, gentlemen. I’ve been away on safari, leftist game hunting around colleges in the Northeast. I do say there were these two ladies from Vassar who wanted to discuss social justice and the normalization of Marxist thought in the States. I could get past the nose ring and closely shorn hair on the left side of “Ms. Blonde’s” head, but the minimal grooming and yet uncolored sleeves on the arms of “Ms. Brunette’s” somewhat zaftig frame gave me pause. However, after slipping discretely away from the dark-haired butterpants, Ms Blonde and I made our way to several taverns for victuals and libations.

    Ms. Blonde was, as the kids are fond of saying today, was “DTF” after a taste of several fine whiskys and casual mention of my most recent reading of the early works of Andrea Dworkin (which was an outright fabrication on my part, but I am a chessman and willing to employ any strategy). We discussed Ms. Dworkin down the length of my member as my plum, surprisingly by her request, made its way deep into her pudding hole. I’m a master tradesman–rest assured she was well plumbed.

    It seems these young activists aren’t very fond of the “beta males” who tend to gravitate toward them. Upon taking my leave, I mistakenly gave her my cellular number. She’s requesting more philosophical discussion, urgently it seems. I do wonder if she can be persuaded to embrace more mainstream philosophers.

    I shall report my findings from the front lines.

    Good day to you all.

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