Let your eyes be the judge and jury

Love him or hate him, I think we can all agree that President Trump is a heterosexual billionaire with very superficial tastes … that means he only bangs tens.

But the media hates him so much they attacked his wife’s outfits when she accompanied him to hurricane-rocked Texas.


Now let’s take a dead serious, God’s honest look at Melania’s most vocal fashion critic – Vogue Magazine’s fashion editor, Lynn Yeager…

There it is. Vogue is perpetrating the fakest news of all fucking time.

24 thoughts on “Let your eyes be the judge and jury

  1. I used to chuckle when the media would compare michele obama to Jackie O.

    Now we have a first lady who not only deserves the comparison, but wins it by a first round cunt-kick knockout, and they complain about her shoes?

    Something’s amiss.

  2. we should come up with a new definition of the acronym on her hat. FLOTUS should stand for something else. It can be the traditional definition if Hillary or Moochelle occupies the office.

      1. FLILF indeed. Melania is the nectar if the gods. I don’t think fat orange is getting any of that now…no way. Some lucky Village People cop looking secret service morherfucker is nailing that.

        Ivanka’s beaver is a sewer though. She’s nasty.

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