This will not stand

Troubling times for mammocentrics.

Big-boobed Playboy model Jenna Bentley has upset her army of fans by announcing she might get a breast reduction — after she nearly knocked herself out jogging.

The 24-year-old says her whopping 36E natural breasts are literally too big to handle and have been getting in the way of her new fitness regime.

To be fair, that’s why I don’t jog either. But why will no one ask her boyfriend, 55 year old Ben Brown, his opinion?

Come to think of it, we could use his take on a lot of things.

Let’s organize. Please send all Jenna breast reduction objections to:

Jenna Bentley
69 Backstreet
Sloppytown, USA

18 thoughts on “This will not stand

  1. Because of exercise? No, no, no, honey. Stay on the couch and TDTers will cater to your every whim on a rotating basis. Donger has week 1.

  2. Ok, this Ben Brown guy. He’s older & looks demonstrably worse than I do. He’s not some super success money dude & clearly he’s no fitness buff. And yet…

    That motherfucker is the bomb. Lay that pipe, hombre, lay that pipe.

    1. The tuck your beer gut into the swim trunks look gets them everytime.

      That guy deserves a “real men of genius” Budweiser song.

  3. Danza Medical protocol requirements for Breast Reduction.
    1. They hang below your gunt
    2. You have a penis
    3. You require emergency spinal surgery.
    4. You have other features that make up for missing breast tissue e.g. beautiful ass and mouth.
    5 Minimal Reduction size is to a D cup
    6. You have undergone extensive counseling for loss of tit bully pose.
    7. You resolve to get rid of the back fat and wider ass that is more acceptable for women with big natural tits.
    8. You are willing to sign a post nuptual agreement.

    1. Shouldn’t 5 read “Maximum Reduction size is to a D cup”

      Just want to get our wording straight before these get inscribed into two tablets of stone

  4. Admin, I like what you did with the *** and *** -good for the filters. Might I suggest a more appropriate substitution such as ( . )( . ) and ( I ) for the T and A?
    You can use ( . )( . ) and ( I ) for the porterhouses of course.

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