Oh, yes. I remember it well.

We had her in to read for the lead in the ill-fated, TDT produced “My Body, My Gerbil” – an ambitious and much ballyhooed avant-garde arthouse picture that ultimately failed because there was no script or camera.

Nobody knew what was going on – yet it hardly mattered. We were all carefree back then.

Everything was clicking – her ass even checked out.

Jlaw stood up to the most rigorous of testing.

That script is lying around somewhere. Gotta find it, it’s really good.

14 thoughts on “Oh, yes. I remember it well.

  1. I say to you gentlemen, while I’ve been somewhat remiss in my postings of late, that Ms. Lawrence does indeed possess and exquisite fartbox.

    I have dined on such, the scoundrel that I am.

    Good day to you all.

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