Miss TDT 2015: Charlotte McKinney

Introducing Miss TDT 2015, Charlotte McKinney…

To those claiming an anti-McKinney bias on this site: hogwash.


And then there’s this fucking guy…


A hunter should take ol’ Terry out. Hogging bitches is a capital crime.

Anyway, this 21 year old blond with big cans is not only considered by industry watchers to be a sleek version of Kate Upton, but also something of a bully in her own right.


Purists insist that her ass check out – and it most indubitably do.


There is a lot to like here.


Oh yes.


21 thoughts on “Miss TDT 2015: Charlotte McKinney

  1. Motherfuckin’ Terry. This knob is hangin’ out with with some primo trim while I’m out auditing with a former math teacher from Korea. I’ve made some questionable decisions along the way my friends…

  2. for some reason I think she is a mud shark. depressing to say the least, but I would and would proudly. those sweater puppets are ridiculous.

  3. There’s an interview where she says she can’t believe other models think they are too hot to give BJs. I for one absolutely love BJs and I am excellent at getting them, especially from 21 year old blondes with huge tits. So I’ve reached out to her management letting them know this and I’ll let you know what they say.

  4. Terry is all about the rippin and the tearin, the rippin and the tearin.

    Outrageous cans but this bitch has done and will do hard labor. she lost weight and was photoshopped. That puts her higher in the porterhouse pool 5 up from Upton.

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