Missing Hef more than ever

TDT remains an old-fashioned institution. Consider this a pre-emptive auto-rejection.

There will be no review of Mr. November’s backside, for there is nothing to verify here. There will be no consideration for Miss TDT status, no invite to the Christmas party.

Note: I said nothing about the afterparty. I am told Mr. November and Weinstein have both RSVP’d. Typically we discard our party slacks and socialize in our briefs. That’s about all I am at liberty to say right now.

40 thoughts on “Missing Hef more than ever

  1. Today I heard on the news more shit about the resolution of the Transgender bathroom cases in N.C. What a colossal waste of time. I don’t get how a redneck state’s bathroom policies are newsworthy, nevertheless worthy of court time. They should have just renamed the colored bathrooms “colored and transgendered” bathrooms, then everybody would have felt comfortable taking a dump.

  2. There is not a fork anywhere in the universe that is big enough to stick in this fucking country. An asteroid the size of Texas would be wonderful right now. If I’m Trump, I would have given up months ago. Just hang a sign on the White House door that says fuck it, I’m done. I tried. Vacancy. Minorities encouraged to apply.

  3. So Hef’s been dead for twenty minutes and they can’t wait to jam a tranny down the throats of the last few remaining subscribers? Social justice and virtue signaling is exactly what I want in a spank rag! Fuck these assholes. Seriously.

    1. if they had explained it as a cost saving measure – merging playgirl and playboy into a single mag – I’d get it. (it would be idiotic, but at least there is some rational thought behind it)

      …this…..is the single fastest way to lose subscribers.

      not even the NFL is this stupid.

    1. Life imitating Art….

      pretty thin market segment for playboy to go after….

      flashback: “Best in Show” ended with the gay couple launching a magazine called: “American Bitch: Issues for the lesbian pure bred dog owner”

  4. A male featured in a mens skin mag. Fucking hilarious. Such are the wonders of the 21st century. And you thought we’d all have flying cars.

  5. i see a market opportunity perhaps…

    Have to be able to grab a sh!t ton of market share w/ a non-pc pseudo-classy mag like playboy used to be…

    Lets get it done!

    1. Admin. I usually come here to rub one out. These days, my dick is turtling, and my brain hurts the way a woman who gets a migraine does.

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