Monster Meat on Friday

This site is haunted. Don’t be scared. We’ll split up into groups, tie on our feedbags, and meet back at the van by sundown.

Peek Freans

Steak Tips


Meat Crêpe


London Broil


Romanian Steak

Witches Brew

Bon appetite los animales!

11 thoughts on “Monster Meat on Friday

      1. Sometimes Admin tries to pass off a voluptous girl as a porterhouse. Ones that I wouldn’t necessarily disqualify in a drunken stupor. This one is the real deal porterhouse cut. No doubts. I would go so far as to say past expiration date with a funny smell.
        Admin, thanks for not trying so hard to be accurate on the term. This time you hit the nail on the head and must have looked it up in the urban dictionary

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