25 thoughts on “Hollywood 2017

  1. Next frame- those two on their knees and a man wearing a balaclava behind them with a sword at their necks as he screams Allah Akabar!

    1. That wouldn’t happen. The broad on the left looks like a terrorist’s cousin “Abdul the Chicken Fucker” and the dude on the right could be sold to Bocca Haram for a handful of beans and a Stratomatic Football game. That’s the cream of the crop!

  2. Pathetic, deviant hollywood liberals always telling normal Americans how to live their lives and who to vote for. Hope they all get AIDS. I’m a deviant, but I never take the moral high ground. I just own it proudly and quietly. And no has always meant no to me. fuck these assholes.

      1. I hope you had to fucking Google that.

        On another note, the Big Bang Theory is the code name of Weinstein’s new book on management techniques in Hollywood.

  3. Would love to see the the director say “sorry guys, we are going to start using a really talented muslim refugee to take your part. We feel our use of white actors is racist so we have to pay him more, and, his extended family will be living next door to your mansion for free.

    Anyone who can sneak into the country should be guaranteed a job in hollywood.

    I literally would pay to go to the movies again if they made a documentary about this.

  4. That wife looks like a real barrel of laughs. Good times. Lots of hugging and doing the dishes together, maybe washing the Mini Cooper on Sunday before taking the pugs for a walk.

    1. They are, without a doubt the kind of couple who own hybrids for appearances or better yet a plug in electric that they got as part of a pilot program like Susan Sarandon, that were really intended for actual working stiffs with long commutes. Yet they mostly tool around in a gas guzzling Mercedes G63.

      1. Could he possibly look any more miserable? I can’t stop laughing at the look on his face. “Please refugees come and put me out of my misery.” It’s making me feel great about my life.

    1. How about illegal Immigrant Monday? This Mexican nut job decapitated her husband and spread his remains all over Mexico City. She’d fit right in

      1. Hot Latinas don’t take any shit, which is exactly why you never use your real name & leave the number for brother-in-law you despise to intake the post hook up rage texting.

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