Culo Miércoles con cha cha

Dodger blue.

To boldly go.

Shop around.

Chief Renegade.


Level: Tradesman.

16 thoughts on “Culo Miércoles con cha cha

  1. A+++

    On a side note, it just occurred to me that I don’t know any of my fellow degenerates on this site. I was just wondering if the donger or admin himself was really Charlie Sheen.

  2. The Indian girl was enough to bring ole Harry out of retirement. I have never seen such a woman. Hottest to ever walk the planet.

  3. I second Harry’s vote. Renegade click-thru is usually the highlight of the week but this is another level.

    Also, I’d have to guess that the character’s name in the Trek parody click-thru was named “Lt. O’Whora”.

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