Check out these bitches

Matt Lauer got canned. Don’t know why these two care, the one on the right looks like an ape in a t-shirt.

Lauer was making $30 million a year to put on a scarf and taste hot chocolate at Christmas festivals. Had I the chance I would have choked him to death a long time ago.

That he was playing aggressive take-no-prisoners grab-ass with sexy, hand-picked interns is probably Matt’s lone redeeming feature.

13 thoughts on “Check out these bitches

    1. Yes… Unless he’s retired, smoking weed, watching Today on his yacht, surrounded by fine ass bitches, wearing nothing but sunglasses and a gold chain. In which case, he’s my fucking hero. It’s confusing.

  1. In Matt’s defense, those scarfs were trendsetting, and his hot chocolate reviews were spot on. Another smug J.O. bites the dust. I think blame can be cast on all the women over the years who kept insisting how handsome he was. He must’ve started to believe it poor devil.

  2. Damn! vid unavailable. The only redeeming quality of that puke was how he supposedly was “too hard on the first lady” during the campaign. Like Anthony Weiner a fucking perv, but he helped get Trump up there.

    Kudos to you little bald douchebag. Now go rub one out like the rest of us.

    1. I’m guessing his being hard on Killary was the origin of these ‘problems’ coming home to roost. I guess it’s better than suicide by nailgun.

  3. You know who isn’t worried or scared right now? Steve Bannon.

    Because Steve Bannon sucks his own cock.

    Come on, guys. To the extent Lauer spent years howling at all the zeros before the decimal point in his bi-weekly direct deposits while being an ass clown playing with puppies for 15 minutes here & there on a TV set before 9am only spend the rest of every day seeking out that pink stretch with a diamond cutter, he’s a fucking hero. Full stop.

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