19 thoughts on “Get your ass out of the cellar

  1. A few thoughts:

    1) I give this kid a total pass.
    2) That ass tastes like latex, vaseline, and shame.
    3) There’s free shipping and guaranteed Xmas delivery on these things if you have Amazon Prime.

  2. In prison they’re called Fifis.

    Nothing better than catching a huge jenkem buzz and tag teaming a Fifi with your cellie.

  3. Growing up with a woman that talked like that, I would’ve probably squared up on her too. He can’t say he learned it from his father either- at least until Maury runs the DNA test.

  4. Saw a brother upset about a bag of chips that got rung up and stuck in his bag by accident this morning. Was flabbergasted. You know he gonna gits another bag o’ chips laters todays.

  5. Ready for Friday meat. Was also ready for Wednesday ass but I understand that Admin is under pressure these days. Perhaps its time to revisit the whole assistant thing, what could go wrong?

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