Seasons Meatings on Friday


Wolf Cider

Fish Sticks

Chicken Tenders

Crab Rangoon

Mystery Meat


Pot Roast

Razzleberry Dressing

Bon appetite los animales!

19 thoughts on “Seasons Meatings on Friday

    1. I vote for permanent removal of the porterhouse after that display. Nobody wants to see that. That’s up there with blue waffles.

  1. I see that Porterhouse clickthrough had her muff ripped off. What is the reason for that, at this point? Isn’t that like putting nice rims on an ‘86 Prelude?

    1. Wonder what the going rate is for someone to shave that for her, she certainly can’t reach it herself…velly nice Asian spa earns their pay on that one…

  2. Anyone else sense the mystery meat click through was like Russian Roulette? C’mon, no dick, no dick, no dick… Whew, no dick.

    Time to remove porterhouse from the menu.

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