40 thoughts on “So … what’s up nig?

  1. Is that the prince who promised me a cool million if I just cashed his check and wired the funds back? All he needs is my PIN number and SSN.
    Gonna be a very Merry Christmas!

  2. this pic doesn’t fit in with what i’m watching on television this season if you watch the commercials.

    don’t want to go chauncey gardiner on you guys, but the tv box says people of color are overwhelmingly young married couples with two kids who are waking up on christmas morning in the gated community to a lexus in the driveway with a bow on it. And none of the brothas are over 6 feet tall? and those who are not ready for matrimony are on rooftop bars drinking imported beer high-fiving their asian buddies after work. and its always a rooftop bar- there are more brothas on rooftops this Christmas than during Katrina, and more asians on rooftops than during the LA riots.

    what are white people buying? tv box says credit cards, home mortgages and debt consolidation packages. something from bass pro, oakland raiders gear and lots of cheap beer. home alarms are big, whites have both sides of the market covered- the white mom is on the phone upstairs frantically calling the cops while John Tesch in a ski mask is breaking the window downstairs.

    and all of the stereotypes you hear about with mixed-race relationships are wrong. gone are the days when you see a fat blonde at the park pushing a mullato kid on the swing by herself, staring at her swatch watch, dropping f and n bombs while screaming out the time, while her dad sits in the idling station wagon crying and listening to Rush Limbaugh. No, its the redhead getting the iPhone/ Tiffany Box/ Mercedes Key from yet another 5’8″ brotha one one knee. more brothas on one knee this christmas than during the nfl national an…never mind.

    hope everyone has a swell christmas.

  3. JM is not wrong, though – if you consider 13% African lineage overall, and 65% (or more) of their kids are in single parent (read: mother) homes, then Toyota, Heineken, and State Farm advertising to that clean-cut black family of four, that all properly pronounce the word “ask”, has got to be nailing that 1%-3% sweet spot demographic known only as “the upwardly-mobile negro suburbanites”.

    It honestly hasn’t been clearer to me since the day a middle-aged balding professor explained to me why they advertise tampons during soap operas and not during the Barrett Jackson auction reruns.

    SO happy to see that Jack is back, and spot on with the blacks!

  4. Jack M’s return and the rumors of the wipeout of the estate tax in this tax bill are making for a very Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Work is a little slow this week…here’s a little holiday song to set the tone

    Do They Know it’s Friday Meat?
    aka Feed The Tap

    It’s Friday meat, there’s no need to be afraid
    Unless Admin has forgotten this sacred day

    And in our world of plenty we can spread a leg or two
    Throw your arms up and shout it’s Friday meat

    But say a prayer, pray for the bullied ones
    At Friday meat it’s hard, when they are all alone

    There’s a world inside your system
    And it’s a world of joy and cheer
    When you open up the Tap
    And hot ass is always near

    And the only open questions that ring from year to year
    Is I wonder what her ass tastes like?
    And will Maehoffer go on a tear?

    Let’s hope there’s ass on the Tap at some point
    The greatest gift we get all year is here
    Where nipples always grow
    And a shaved beaver whoas
    Do they know it’s Friday meat at all?

    Here’s to you
    Raise a skirt for everyone
    Here’s to them
    Bringing us so much dam fun
    Do they know it’s Friday meat at all?

    Feed the Tap
    Feed the Tap
    Feed the Tap
    Let them know it’s Friday meat again
    Feed the Tap
    Let them know it’s Friday meat again
    Feed the Tap
    Let them know it’s Friday meat again
    Feed the Tap
    Let them know it’s Friday meat again
    Feed the Tap
    Let them know it’s Friday meat again

  6. ADMIN!!!! If you’re with us, give us a sign! Post one deflated silicon tit…or a Golden Girl flattened ass…or the World Wide Hip Hop clip of your choice. We’re worried. If you’re getting buggered by a redneck in a Gimp outfit….well…at least post a photo or two. That’s some funny stuff!

  7. Shout out to Tiffany Trump’s clam.

    She’s, dare I say, more bangable now than Melania (who is starting to hit the back 9 of a MILF’s useful life…that last few years on the books amortization schedule is fucking hell).

  8. I am not ready to let the Tap fade into the abyss. It may be dark and we may not see a light at the end of the tunnel but I have faith in Admin that he can turn it around and bring us back to life. 2018 is in its infancy and still can be saved all we need is Tap….

    1. At first I liked this pic, but the look on her face is saying, “Help me! They keep me in the basement and bleach my piehole with Borax against my will….EVERY DAMN DAY!!!!”.

  9. I am sad without your daily enlightenment.

    Please, please, please come back….

    I’m too scared to look for A&T on the interwebs by myself.

    Actually going to WorldStar on my own makes me feel like a negus.

    And now that Jack Maehoffer has reemerged, I laugh again.

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