And on this Friday … Meat

So it’s a new year … so much to look forward to. Fack.

Hor d’Oeuvres

Zesty Veal Ravioli


Beef Genius


Prime Rib

Turnover Strudel

Bon appetite los animales!

14 thoughts on “And on this Friday … Meat

    1. ….and the one to her right is about to shoot herself because of it.

      Welcome back, Dear Admin…..oh how you were missed.

  1. Strudel click thru 3, 5, 1, 4, 2 I have my reasons. Zesty veal ravioli click thru makes me want to eat Italian.

    1. I see what your saying but in my opinion 2 and 4 would likely make better sandwiches, go to church with me, and take care of mother.

      1. 2 may be the most attractive but prob nauseatingly perky, topless pic clearly 3’s idea.Tugging at her bikini string is the craziest thing 1 has ever done, knowing smirk and tilt of the head on 4 means she is acquainted with Cap’n Stabbin’, 5 and 1 the future lesbians.

  2. Happy New Year Admin! Glad to have you and your fine meat offerings back!

    But after going away for awhile, you return and post jailbait in Turnover Strudel. I hate to ask this… you wearing a wire?

  3. Dirk Plant


    I’m sad to report that 2018 has commenced on a sad note. Dirk Plant, that brave little fucker, grew from seeds & later took the form of a fiendly dog. It all went very wrong at Harvey Weinstein’s Holiday Party where Harvery was last seen rubbing one out in a hallway with the other hand cupping a TDT Friday click-through offering.

    The authorities have decided to classify this as a gruesome gardening accident & deemed it for best for all parties that this crime remain unsolved. Sadly, we may never know the real truth about what happened to Dirk Plant.

    There were no last words, but Dirk was able to bravely piss out #METOO onto the hallway carpet. He will be missed.

  4. What’s all this welcome back shit?
    Gone for a month, you don’t call, you don’t write and you leave Nig up for us to all gaze upon wondering where our dear Admin is.
    I will not fall for this ever again…
    Ahh, who I am I kidding, you had me at Meat…
    Welcome back Admin…

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