RIP, Oliva Nova: Crammed a lifetime of D in her 20 short years

Sad to announce the passing of two-time All-Jergens porn star, Olivia Nova.

Directors respected her for being upfront about her stats and her wont’s.

Christmas can a lonely time for porn stars – because, let’s be frank, porn stars and family gatherings don’t mix – particularly at their own.

Wishing I reached out to her over Christmas. The lonely always send nudes.

Really dropped the ball on that.

Ever the professional, she looked good – but older than 20. More like 30. The D will age a gal.

Even though I never heard of her, I will miss Olivia now that she’s gone because she was hot.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Olivia, and take this final farewell report.

16 thoughts on “RIP, Oliva Nova: Crammed a lifetime of D in her 20 short years

  1. The fact that her beautiful young pussy lived a dozen full lives, is helping me cope with this tragedy. Tomorrow should be a better day.

  2. Not to change the subject or anything, but what’s with the dude past out by the baby stroller or whatever in the background of picture one? Is that a possible admin sitting?

  3. 1- Those implant scars under her tits look like they were done in a back ally BEHIND the back ally where they do the abortions.

    2- First click thru… she pregnant?

    3- 20 years old? She looks like a well kept 35 years old trailer park rat.

    4- Christmas call to a fan probably went something like….
    “Hi! Merry Christmas! I’m a little down. I’m glad we’re able to chat…..hello….hello, I think we have a bad connection……what’s that noise? It sounds like a Mastiff eating jello……hello….I hear heavy breathing too…..are you ok? I’d really like to talk….I’m all alone this Christmas and I’d like to-”

    “UUUUUUUUUUUNGH….phew…where the hell’s that tissue box….[click….dial tone]”

    “Hello? Ronnie?! Are you still there? (sigh) I feel my heart breaking…..probably from that 3 way scene in ‘Monster Dongs 3000’….oh well….Merry Christmas to me and this supply of Fentanyl Lollipops.”

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